Heat Pipes

A Heat pipe is a heat-transfer device that combines the principles of both thermal conductivity and phase transition to efficiently manage the transfer of heat between two solid interfaces. A heat pipe can be described as a closed, Read More

Heat Sink

A heat sink is a device which carries heat from an object and dissipates it to a surrounding fluid medium (such as air) with the help of fins (to increase surface area in contact with fluid). It does this continuously so that the object being cooled is able to function properly. Read More

Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are devices that take heat energy from one stream and pass it on to another stream which is in deficit of this heat energy. It tends to average out the temperature if both the streams are at same mass flow rate and both sides of the heat exchanger are identical.Read More

About Company


animated-heatpipeIn the year 2004, Capri Cables Pvt. Ltd., diverted its attention towards Thermal management and identified the future need for an effective tool that can be used for both Heat transfer and heat recovery.Accordingly, it signed an agreement with an autonomous R&D institution, International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI), under Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt.

of India and set up a plant in its incubator park to manufacture Heat pipe based heat sinks and other Thermal management products. The project is co-funded by TIFAC, Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India and was inaugurated by Chairman, Parliamentary standing