Heat Pipe based thermal solutions find applications in many areas like..

1. IGBT/Thyristor/Diode Cooling – Using heat pipe based heat sink solutions, one can meet the thermal dissipation needs of cutting edge electronics especially IGBTs, Diodes, Thyristors etc. The efficient and virtually lag free performance of a heat pipe based system are seen to be well suited for this use.

2. Solar applications – Heat pipes in vacuum tubes can be used as a very efficient tool to harness the Sun’s energy to heat water in a tank. This system is low maintenance and easy to install. The system would pay for itself very soon with the cost savings of not using an electric water heater/geyser.

3. Panel Coolers – Panel coolers isolate the electronic components from the dusty atmosphere, but bad circulation and cooling leads to early failure of these components. Using a heat pipe based heat exchanger, one can passively exchange heat from the inside of the panel with the cooler atmosphere outside without worrying about cross contamination.

4. General Advantages of a Heat pipe based Heat Exchanger/Heat Recovery Unit:

  • Saving in fuel consumption
  • Heat recovery upto 20-40%
  • Compact and static unit
  • No moving parts
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Very low pay back period
  • Design flexibility
  • Low temperature heat recovery is possible
  • Low Pressure drop 15-20 mm WG