Food Grade Heat Sink Compound


Product Description:

White Ice 510FG is a Non-Reactive, Silicone, Thermally Conductive food grade thermal grease with low thermal resistance and a soft, non-flowable consistency. This product is formulated with FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved ingredients in compliance with CFR, Title 21 paragraph 178.3570 of the FDA guidelines and NSF Registered. This product is acceptable as incidental food contact for use in and around food processing areas.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Good Thermal Performance- ( 0.80 W/m °k)
  • Low Interface Thermal Resistance. – ( 0.05 °C-In2 /W)
  • Thin Bond lines to ≤1 mil
  • Low bleed and evaporation
  • Non-Toxic/ NSF Registered
  • Re-workable/Easy to Remove
  • Easy to Apply by Dispensing or Screen Printing/Stencil

Typical Applications:

White Ice 510FG Heat Sink Compound is applied to the any electronic devices for heat transfer which is located in and around food processing areas. Also industrial applications include mounting studs of transistors, diodes and silicone controlled rectifiers. In these situations, a small amount of the thermal grease is applied using screen printing/stencil methods. It is also used in mounting semiconductor devices; thermoelectric modules; power transistors and diodes; coupling entire heat generating assemblies to chassis; heat transfer medium on ballasts; thermal joints; thermocouple wells; mounting power resistors; and for any devices where efficient cooling is required in major industries including, electronic (computer, appliance, wireless, etc.), automotive and electrical.

Thermal Conductivity W/m °K
Thermal Resistance °C-In2W
Dielectric Constant
Volume Resistivity Ohm-cm
Operating Temperature Ranges, °C
-55 to 200


5 years at room temperature (25 °C) in unopened containers. Slight settling of the filler may occur during long-term storage. In this case, it is recommended to re-disperse the filler by hand or mechanical mixing. Refrigerate material at 0-10 °C to avoid any settling.

Clean Up:

Standard approved clean-up and disposal procedures should be followed in every situation. The use of disposable containers and utensils are recommended whenever possible to simplify and expedite clean-up. However, when disposable containers are impractical, White Ice 510FG can be removed by cleaning solvents with such as Mineral Spirit (Paint Thinner), Heptane or Isopropyl Alcohol.