Forced Convection Heat Sink

The cooling in this type of heat sink is done by forcefully blowing air over the fins using a blower system.

Forced Convection Heat Sinks

These are the most common types of heat sinks used in the industry today due to their large heat dissipation capacity. The heat sink can be judged by amount of heat removed in a given time period and high heat loads can be removed using forced convection (or active cooled), in which the fluid flow over the fins is assisted by a blower or other means.

Three general ways of applications:

(1). Mount the fan or blower to one side of the heat sink and force air through the heat sink parallel to the extrusion direction,

(2). Mount the fan or blower near the center of heat sink on top of the fin and force the air downward to the base and through two open sides,

(3). Same as (2), except force the air upward from the base and through two open sides.

Capri specializes in the design and manufacture of these products in applications like IGBT cooling, panel cooling etc.