Thermal Interface Material

logo-duThermal interfacial materials (TIMs) are thermally conductive materials, which are applied to increase thermal contact conductance across jointed solid surfaces, such as between microprocessors and heatsinks, in order to increase thermal transfer efficiency.

We are the authorized distributor for TIMtronics brand ( Thermal Interface Materials in India. TIMtronics is a company based in USA and they have been in the industry, providing tailor made TIMs for various uses and applications. The quality of their products is top-of-the-line and there is a sizeable difference in performance between TIMtronics products and the generic products in use.

1. Thermal Greases & Epoxies

2. Thermal Gap Fillers and Pads

3. Gap Filler Material

4. Dispensable Liquid Gap Fillers

5. Putty Material